SEATRAC: the intelligent administration system for study seats


Admins or library operators can manage all stored study seats in the digital SEATRAC back office. Moreover, they are able to add new study seats, edit existing study seats by changing their criteria, block study seats for a certain time or delete study seats. Thus, admins and library operators can dynamically control how many and which kind of study seats are available to students.

Further SEATRAC enables you to create new kinds of filters as well as activating specific filters if needed. Activated filters can be interactively assigned to existing individual seats or a group of seats.

It is also possible for the admins and operators to book individual study seats or a group of study seats for their users, for operators of the library or external users who need a group of seats.

SEATRAC statistically evaluates the actual usage rates of individual seats. Moreover, SEATRAC can analyze how often certain filters are selected to optimize the use of resources or internal processes. In general, the possibilities of data evaluation can be individually tied to the customer needs.